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North South East or West?? Take your pick!!

We frequently get asked by many people visiting Adelaide “what wine region should we visit?”

It is a fair question that we often can't reply to and somewhat refuse to with a definite, straight answer!

What normally occurs is that we go deeper into the individual's touring needs and wants, starting with a couple of questions of our own, for example “What wines do you like to drink?" and "Are you interested in experimenting with some newer varieties away from your preferred wines?”

These answers, although sometimes vague and short, act as a great compass in helping us create a memorable tour to the ideal region for our guests.

Unless our guests are requesting a certain winery or region, we often like to discuss more about the experiences that they desire to enjoy over an area the party have heard of before. Quite often guests are pleasantly surprised when we introduce a new region, winery or variety to them they had never been exposed to or tasted before.....a true journey of discovery!!

You often hear that if it’s white wine, spend some time in the Adelaide Hills…..If it’s full bodied Shiraz, take in the Barossa….If you are chasing a more intimate experience tastings from a new family owned winery, maybe head south to McLaren Vale, if you are wanting a more romantic experience in front of an open fireplace for a night or two, maybe try the Clare Valley.

However, the truth is all regions offer similar experiences and varieties of wines with their own individual characteristics and touches to satisfy the most curious and adventurous wine region explorer. The problem that you find is that all the regions are as great as each other!!

So, the question is, which way are you going to head from Adelaide?

North, South, East or West?? Take your pick!!


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