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Now is the time to experience the cellar doors and regions of South Australia

Where has the first month of the new year gone????

It was not so long ago that you were enjoying the Summer holidays with family and friends......the kids were relishing their break and you discovered a world where everything had slowed to a relaxed pace.....until, that is, you went for a visit to a nearby tourist town or wine region and you then very quickly realised that you weren't the only person wanting to enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of a holiday break......a slow, relaxed pace that seemed to disappear once you made that first step out of your front door!!

It was manic, people everywhere, attractions were full to the brim and the only thing that made you stay and fight the crowds was that you had just spent over a hour travelling there. Does " Might as well enjoy the place now that we are here" ring any bells????

I hate to tell you this, but you were 4 weeks too early in visiting that region, or tourist town, or cellar door, or distillery!! But I'm confident in thinking that you knew that too!!

As we all go back to the grind of our normal everyday work life, a wonderful thing is starting to occur within the wine regions, and tourist towns, and cellar doors and distilleries. They too have gone back to their normality and where attractions were not too far ago full of eager punters pushing and shoving and wanting to be the most important person in the room with very little success, they have now slowed to a more relaxed and calm environment. The kind of relaxed and calm environment you wished you had enjoyed during your holiday break!!

If you really want to take a step back in time, to a more relaxed time, a time you wish you had experienced, do yourself a favour......go touring within a great South Australian wine region today!! Now is the time to visit that favourite winery or new distillery, take the family out for a picnic amongst the vines or celebrate that special occasion with a VIP experience!!

I will guarantee you this.......with the smaller groups and the not so manic crowds, the cellar doors and attractions that you decide to visit will definitely have the opportunity now more than ever to make you the most important person in the room!!

Isn't that what we all want during a relaxing break and visit?

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